Europe 2017

Art et cetera from Amsterdam:
Schrijver en rijksadvocast by Jacob van Lennep, 2006
untitled by Michiel Schierbeek, 1986
typical Amsterdam, but look closer
An Art Nouveau front

Amsterdam Oersoep - 1273
Gold in your mind, gold in your feet by Mirjam Janse, 2004
Bruldsjurk by The Kunstenaarscollectief Patchwork. 1994
Dragers van  Verre by Nelson Carrilho, 1989
I am at home by Asnate Bockis, 2008

 Art et cetera from Athens:
at Athens airport, Two Incredible Sitting Black Snowmen by Tom Classen, 2000
Four Seasons by Rob Birza, 2000
by Mark Hadjipateras

art by Georgia Sagri, 2017
The only Art I found at documenta 14: Naughty Children by Edi Hila, 1970
Costas Pliatsllkas in his studio
The Frissiras Museum of Contemporary European Art was founded in 2000.  From the collection of 4,000 pieces from the 2nd half of the 20th century, they put together a show called "New Horizons," part of a series called "The Identities of Others."  The was a great quote about finding identity, but I didn't write it down.  There was art on every floor, artists from Poland, Moldavia, Greece.  Some good, some not so good, but much better than documenta.
Rich Bitch II (with a dog) by Glowacka Viola, 2014
Cycle Meeting by Szczekan Ewa, 2012
Gorilla's Garden by Glowacka Viola, 2016
B.P. Jungle by Glowacka Viola, 2016
Another piece of documenta: Food for Thought, Thought for Change by Rasheed Araeen, 2016-17
Memorial of the Unknown Artist

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